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My roommate and I have had far too much coffee and I think our neighbors hate us



being an angry crier is the worst because people either feel bad for you or they think they won. like no. i’m gonna punch you in the jaw. i’m just crying i’ll still knock you down a peg.













watch the fat guy version of this video—where it’s a skinny guy turned fat and the girls meet up with him. it goes SO DIFFERENT. they actually talk about things other than his weight, and he even gets kissed.

oh, society.

go and look at the opposite video on youtube then look at the comments. Even though the women are clearly nicer and less judging than the men they still try to justify the men’s reactions and put down the women. It’s kind of disgusting actually. It’s one of those things that makes you sad that you live in this society. 

"it makes me so sad to lie in a society where you can’t get sex or a free male out of a man you’ve lied to on the internet" 

The experiment is actually a sham.

The ‘fat guy’ is an admitted dating expert.  As in, he has a goddamn youtube channel.  He knows how to date, he knows how to engage somebody and he knows immediately how to keep somebody sticking around.  The woman?  Not so much.

Look at the two videos.  The woman literally talks about herself, doesn’t even attempt to engage the guy and doesn’t try to make him interested in her as a person.  Like, when the girls call the guy out on being fat, guess what?  He says “Yeah, it is an old photo, about 3 or 3 years”, she says “Oh, maybe 6 months” and CONSTANTLY tries to underplay it like she’s being cute.

The guy at least owned the fact that he was fat.  The girl sat there was did pretty much everything to deflect.  The guy did his best to put his dates at ease, when at the start you could see they were shocked and a bit put off.  The girl didn’t, she deflected, made excuses, put the blame on the guy, and guess what?  That doesn’t make somebody want to sit down and continue the date.  It only makes them more agitated.

If anything, this highlights exactly what the problem is with hetero dating.  uys are expected to be everything they can, to take the reigns, to lead the date by being engaging and funny.  The girl doesn’t and is expected to sit there and be cute.  Guess what?  When all you’re expected to do is sit there and be entertained by your date, your date isn’t going to be fucking happy when you show up not looking like your profile.

Maybe if the girl actually, I dunno, acknowledged she was fat, didn’t try to shift blame, didn’t try to be ‘cute’ and tried to actually engage the guy, it might’ve worked.

And here’s the thing.  Not only is this experiment massively biased, the fucking odds aren’t that bad either.  Four men and four women.  4/4 women stayed, 1/4 men stayed.  Guess what?  With that margin of error you could’ve just had 4 nice women and 3 asshole guys.  Hell, for all we know, they specifically selected women who listed “okay with fat guys” on their Tindr and picked men who listed “no fat women” on theirs.

As somebody who is actually taking courses on research, this is a goddamn travesty of a ‘social experiment’.


Biased people with no experimental design knowledge have produced a biased experiment. I am shocked.

Here’s an actual semi-well-designed study on looks and internet dating. Maybe the issue is less dating skill and more that women have such extraordinarily high expectations for the “average” appearance in men that they think they have to settle anyway.

But then again, even people with experience in experimental design produce bad experiments. In fact, bad studies are more common than good. How can you tell? Simple: You look into it, and most studies done (that aren’t BS YouTube “social experiments”) can easily be spotted as bad when using some pretty simple guidelines.

Also, she doesn’t look “right” if that makes sense. Her fat doesn’t match her face, she still has a skinny face on top of the fat suit, so it creates a bit of an uncanny valley effect.


Where three men in a deliberately skewed social “experiment” represent “oh society” but where thousands of feminists, including the ones who are regarded as the most prominent speakers of the movement, are paid large amounts of money to teach courses or speak in major newspapers or be interviewed on national televison and are behind legilslation such as the Duluth Method 

are in no way representative of the feminist movement 




Click HERE to see Criminal Sketches that the Artist Absolutely Nailed

This is so good 

This must be one of the hardest jobs ever.

It also impresses me when someone is able to describe someone so the artist can sketch them. Because I have a crappy memory, I don’t remember faces well, and I don’t think I could describe anyone well enough to have them sketched like that!

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